Audio Response

With Pheple FCU’s Audio Response, our 24-hour telephone teller system, you can reach your accounts anytime day or night. In fact, we’ve put a teller in your home, office, car, or anywhere there is a touch-tone telephone. Read the full Audio Response brochure.

By calling Audio Response, you can:

  • Check your share & loan balance
  • Make check withdrawals
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Inquire about cleared checks
  • Check on deposits
  • Check on withdrawals
  • And much, much more!

It’s Easy To Use!

Accessing your account is easy:

  • Call Audio Response at (724) 837-1976 or 1-800-561-1976 from outside the local calling area
  • Enter “1” for experienced users
  • Enter your member number, followed by the # key
  • Press “1” to confirm
  • Enter your four-digit password, followed by the # key
  • Follow the system prompts

To use Audio Response, you will need the following:

  • Your member number
  • Your password
  • Touch-tone telephone
  • Press the # after you enter a share ID
  • Press ** to repeat the current menu

Enter the exact amount for each transaction, including dollars and cents (example: for $100.00 enter 10000#)

When you call Audio Response, the friendly voice will guide you through your transaction. Changes that you make to your account are made immediately, accurately and confidentially.

Things To Remember:

Once in the system, you will be asked for a three digit Account ID number. A complete listing is available by following the system prompts.

Some of the more commonly used suffixes and their conversion numbers are listed below:

Regular Savings: 000                                   Checking: 010

Special Savings: 004                                    Money Marketing: 030

Christmas Club: 059                                     Vacation Club: 056

HSA Savings: 008                                         HSA Checking: 018

Important Notice

We strongly urge that you change this password once you’re in the system.