Why did the credit union change the name?

This discussion was not an easy one to have but we knew we needed a name that would differentiate us in the marketplace, while having an emphasis on our credit union philosophy and positioning us for growth outside of Westmoreland County. PHEPLE (PHEE-POLE) - People Helping People-it’s who we are, it’s what we do. If we continue to live and breathe our new name, you will begin to understand our passion behind our decision.

What happened during the process of the name change?

We started by getting name suggestions from employees and from members at all the town hall meetings. Over 120 names were suggested for the list. We received a list of over 7,000 names from the NCUA that we could NOT use. We eliminated names from our list that were on the NCUA's list. We then eliminated names from our list that were registered names with the PA Dept. of Business. A seven person committee then narrowed the few remaining names down to three. The board chose a name and it was submitted to the NCUA and state for final approval.

Why did the credit union choose to sell the 2 branches?

The branch transactions have shifted over the past 10 years to more online transactions. Therefore, the amount of

transactions conducted in the branches does not support the size and cost of occupying the 2 branches.

Did the credit union lose money on the sale of the 2 locations?

The credit union experienced a gain on one and loss on the other. However, the long-term reduction of costs to the credit union will put us in a stronger financial position.

Where are the 2 new locations? Why lease 2 locations instead of buy?

Eastgate Plaza in Greensburg, and Penn Valley Plaza in Jeannette.

Leasing puts us in a better strategic position and enables us to adapt faster to the changing behaviors of the membership.

What is the term of the leases?

5 years.

Why did the credit union choose to retain/not sell the Willow Crossing location?

The location is the main reason and the minimal cost to operate that location. However, we will continue to evaluate the performance of that location.

Why so many changes over the past year?

The needs of the members have changed. Technology has changed the way the majority of members interact with us. Therefore, in order for us to stay relevant, we must also change.

Will there be a drive-thru at the new locations?

The main objective was to stay as close to the current branches as possible in order to minimize member impact.

With that being said, we had to sacrifice some of the branch features. Therefore, we will not have a drive-thru at

the 2 new locations.

Will there be an ATM at the new locations?

Yes, both new locations will have a walk-up ATM that will be accessible 24/7, and will also be able to take deposits.

When will the ATM be replaced at Willow Crossing?

The priority for 2019 is the relocation of the Georges Station and the Harrison City Branches. Replacing the ATM

has been put on hold since it was not covered by the flood insurance. Please remember, you can utilize all PNC, CU$,

and Sheetz ATMs FREE of charge.