Fee Schedule

Primary Share Fees

Service Fee
Account Closure Fee (If closed within the first 90 days) $15.00
Statement Copy Fee $3.00
Return Mail Fee $2.00 Per Month
Dormant Fee $1.00 Per Month
Escheat Fee $100.00

Account Fees

Service Fee
Insufficient Fund Fee $33.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee (After the sixth transfer) $6.00
Overdraft Privilege Fee $33.00
Return Item Fee $33.00 Per Month
Stop Payment Fee $33.00
Check Printing Fee Varies
Check Copy Fee $3.00
Account Research Fee $10.00 Per Hour
Lost ATM/Debit Card $10.00
Foreign ATM Fee $2.00 Per Occurrence

Visa Fees

Service Fee
Insufficient Funds Fee $15.00
Late Payment Fee $25.00
Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Visa Inactive Fee $25.00

Other Service Fees

Service Fee
Visa Gift Card Fee $2.00
Travel Card Fee $6.95
Travel Card Reload Fee $2.00
Money Order Fee $1.00
Money Order Stop Payment Fee $10.00
Wire Transfer $20.00
Loan Late Charge (After the 10 day grace period) $25.00

CU Money Travel Card Fees

Service Fee
CU Money Travel Card $6.95
Monthly Account Maintenance/Service Fee None
Over-The-Counter Cash Advance Free
Signature & Pinned Based POS Transactions Free
Online Account Information Free
Reloads Funds Fee $2.00
Card Replacement Fee $5.00
ATM Withdrawel & Balance Inquiry Fee $1.50
International ATM Withdrawel Fee $2.00
Denied ATM Fee $0.50
Overdraft Fee $15.00
Inactivity Fee (After 10 month period) $5.00
Foreign Conversion Fee 2%
VRU Transactions Fee (4 free per month) $0.50
Live Customer Service Calls Fee (2 free per month) $20.00
Cash Out Option Fee $15.00