Name Change FAQ

Is this a merge with another credit union?

No, Westmoreland Community is simply changing its name to something that better encompasses who we are.

Does my member number change?

All of your account information remains exactly the same!

Will I have to order a new debit/credit card?

You are able to continue using your card(s) as usual. Once your card expires, we will automatically reorder you a new card with the new name and card design.

Can I keep using my WCFCU checks?

Absolutely! Your checks are completely valid. If you reorder your checks through us, they will have the new name.

What happens to my direct deposit?

Your direct deposit will continue to process normally.

Will there be a new website?

Yes, we are going to be revealing a new and improved website! The url will be released with the name reveal.

Why are you changing the name?

Westmoreland Community restricts the credit union’s growth. Our new name will better portray who we are and what we do!

Are you getting a new mobile app?

The app will remain the same! If you already have it downloaded, continue to use it regularly. If you want to download it after the name change, search our new name in the App store instead of WCFCU!

Will my online banking login change?

Your login will not change at all!