Stash My Cash

Don’t Bank Your Benjamins

Keep your money at your student credit union branch.

Banks are big business and charge you way too much to use your own money. By joining your student credit union branch and opening an account, not only do you become a member at PHEPLE Federal Credit Union….you become a part owner of the credit union with other members. Credit unions pay profits back to account holders, not shareholders, so you’ll earn more for your savings and pay less to use the services. It’s your money! Keep it safe, but simple.


This is the go–to account you’ll use a lot, so we’ve made sure you get a lot. Your student credit union branch checking account offers:

  • No monthly fees

  • No minimum balance requirements

  • Free mobile app with remote deposit

  • Free text banking

  • Free online banking with eStatement

  • Free Visa debitcCard with Free ATM Use*

  • Free checks with unlimited check writing

  • And much more!

Savings Accounts

Do you find interest interesting? Have you ever compounded a dividend? Do you yearn to earn? When you put your money in a student credit union branch savings account, it won’t just sit there. It’ll grow a little every day, getting you that much closer to your goal. Let your money work as hard as you do with one of these student credit union branch Savings Accounts:

  • Regular Share Savings Account
    It only takes $5 to open and start building dividend earnings. Throw in your extra change or left over birthday money and you’ll be closer to that goal effortlessly. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up!

  • Share Certificates
    Want to earn even more? Lock in a higher rate than a Regular Share Account, for six months to five years. Your money has a safe place to grow.

  • Club Accounts
    Have money at just the right time, for the Holidays or Vacation. Club Savings Accounts help you put money away regularly when you set up automatic transfer from your account or even your paycheck.

Online and Mobile Banking

Access your student credit union branch Accounts even when school is out with our online and mobile banking; whether you’re on the couch with your laptop or on your phone at the store. Accessing your accounts has never been so easy and it’s easy to enroll too! Our free service allows you to:

  • View your balances

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • Check your account history

Open Your Checking and Savings Accounts Today!

To Open a Savings Account Only, Please Provide The Following Items:

  • Student Membership Application & Permission Form

  • Student ID or Student’s Driver’s License

To Open a Savings Account and Checking Account and/or Debit Card, Please Provide The Following Items:

  • Student Membership Application & Permission Form

  • Student ID or Student’s Driver’s License

  • Copy of the Parent/Guardian’s Driver’s License

  • Minimum Initial Deposit of $25

Students can return the above items to the Student Credit Union Branch located in the school's Cafeteria.

Have Questions?

Stop by your Student Credit Union Branch, email us at or call us 724-261-3641 for more information.

*Free ATM use at PFCU, PNC & CU$ Network ATMs only