Share Savings Account

PHEPLE FCU allows you to save your own way. We require no minimum balance* and your funds are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Share Certificates

Do you have funds that you won't need access to right away? Why not put them in a Share Certificate? You'll get a higher rate of return, plus the flexibility of setting your term length. At PHEPLE FCU, we offer terms ranging from 12, 36, and 60 months.


Save for retirement or education expenses, and enjoy potential tax advantages during your working years with PHEPLE FCU’s Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Our IRAs are similar to regular savings but your dividends are exempt from federal and state income taxes until withdrawn.

 PHEPLE FCU Offers Three Types of IRAs:

  • Traditional – You contribute income before it’s taxed and enjoy tax-deferred earnings until retirement when withdrawals are subject to taxes.

  • Roth – You contribute income after taxes and enjoy tax-free earnings until retirement when withdrawals can be tax-free.

  • Coverdell – A tax-deferred plan that lets you save funds for college.

  • HSA - High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) Savings Account

PHEPLE FCU also offers IRA Certificates. With a low minimum balance requirement of $500, IRA Certificates earn higher dividends to make your personal tax-deferred plan grow for you. Pick your term that suits your needs and we will help you plan for that hard-earned retirement.

Exploring your IRA Options

For more information about the types of IRAs we offer, as well as the benefits of each type of account, contact one of our IRA specialists at 724-834-5580.

Health Savings Accounts

PHEPLE FCU knows that health care can be expensive. With our health savings account we can help you stay on top of rising health care costs, and provide you with tax-deferred savings.

Youth Accounts

Make their dreams come true, teach your youth good financial habits.
PHEPLE FCU offers two youth programs:

  • Clubhouse Life for members 10 years old and younger

  • Cha-Ching! for members 11-17 years old

*$5.00 Membership Balance Required